Freedom First

Let’s move toward putting freedom first for people, their families, and their small businesses.

Parents should be free to choose the education for their children. Small businesses should be free from restrictive bureaucracy. People should be free to choose the healthcare that best fits their needs.

We need fewer regulations, less government involvement in healthcare, and lower taxes.

The more we restrict government and allow people to live free, the better their lives will be, the more they will be able to succeed in their chosen goals, and the more they will be able to acheive success by their own standards.

All we have to lose are the restraints placed on us by the government and bureaucrats.

Benefit from experience

I have lived most of my life in what is now district 38. While residing here, I received a BSME from NCSU and an MBA from UNC.

I worked in (and retired from) Computer Systems Analysis.

On July 4th, 1976 I joined the Libertarian Party and have been working to promote liberty ever since.

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